Sega CDX

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Chip Info

CPU PCB: 1EA4B13A00400(1)

CD Player PCB: 1EA4B11A09202

Capacitor List

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CPU & Power PCBs

CPU PCB: 1EA4B13A00400(1)

C27	100uF	6.3v
C29	220uF	6.3v
C46	220uF	6.3v
C90	100uF	6.3v
C107	220uF	6.3v
C108	220uF	6.3v

Power PCB: 1EA4B11A09301

C201	470uF	10v
C204	4.7uF	50v
C206	470uF	10v
C207	470uF	10v
C209	470uF	10v
C211	100uF	6.3v
CD & LCD (upper) PCB

CD Player PCB: 1EA4B11A09202

C502	47uF	6.3v
C504	47uF	6.3v
C513	47uF	6.3v
C522	10uF	16v
C523	100uF	6.3v
C533	10uF	16v
C534	100uF	6.3v
C555	100uF	6.3v
C561	33uF	10v
C575	100uF	6.3v
C601	47uF	6.3v
C604	10uF	16v
C605	47uF	6.3v
C607	47uF	6.3v
C634	47uF	6.3v	Low ESR
C635	100uF	16v
C667	22uF	16v
C668	47uF	6.3v
C673	100uF	6.3v
C674	47uF	6.3v
C677	220uF	6.3v
C678	220uF	6.3v
C680	22uF	16v
C714	470uF	16v
C735	22uF	6.3v	Low ESR (may be indicated as a silver cap with red negative stripe marked "220" in our kits)
C737	220uF	6.3v
C775	22uF	16v

Laser Adjustments

  • P581: PLL
  • P501: E/F Balance
  • P502: Tracking Gain
  • P503: Tracking Offset

Replacement Laser

Left: The correct 10-pin laser. Right: The incorrect 8-pin laser. The silver plate covers half of the photo diode array, but you can still see 5 visible connections on the leftmost laser, and 4 visible on the right.

The CDX / MultiMega consoles use the Sanyo SF-C93 laser.

Warning: There are two versions of the SF-C93, one version has a photodiode array with 10 pins, and one version with 8 pins. The correct replacement for the CDX is the 10-pin version.