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The PAC-S10 is an expansion module for the Pioneer Laseractive CLD-A100 Laserdisc player. It enables playback of Genesis cartridges, Sega CD, and laserdisc-based MegaLD games. A Laseractive player with a PAC-S10 module is the equivalent of a Sega CD, plus MegaLD functionality.

Chip Info

Items in () are designations from the Pioneer block diagram.


  • IC31: Battery Backup IC: MB3790
  • IC32: CD-ROM Decoder: LC8951
  • IC36: LD-ROM Data Processor: PD6103A (LD-ROM D.P. LDV.- GRAP.V. SYNC.GENE)


Save RAM Battery

The PAC-S10 originally uses a Sanyo ML2016. There is enough room on the underside between the PCB and case to retrofit a battery holder for a ML2032 / LIR2032 / other rechargeable 2032.

One way to tell if your battery has gone bad is to open the cartridge port and smell the inside. If you detect a faint fish-like odor, it's very likely to be that the battery has gone bad and leaked.

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Capacitor List

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C11	10uf	16v
C28	10uf	16v
C46	10uf	16v
C111	10uf	16v
C112	10uf	16v
C113	10uf	16v
C115	47uf	16v
C129	10uf	16v
C141	10uf	16v
C150	47uf	16v - Some PCBs have this outline backwards.
Negative should face the SMAIN silkscreen.
C167	470uF	10v                      
C200	10uf	16v
C201	10uf	16v
C302	10uf	16v
C303	10uf	16v
C304	10uf	16v
C305	47uf	16v
C306	10uf	16v
C307	10uf	16v
C309	10uf	16v
C310	10uf	16v
C311	10uf	16v
C312	10uf	16v
C314	10uf	16v
C315	10uf	16v
C316	10uf	16v
C317	10uf	16v
C328	10uf	16v
C330	10uf	16v
C331	10uf	16v
C338	10uf	16v
C431	100uf	6v
C434	10uf	16v
C436	10uf	16v
C438	10uf	16v
C451	47uf	16v
C453	47uf	16v
C456	10uf	16v
C459	10uf	16v
C901	47uf	16v


C15	10uf	16v	
C21	10uf	16v	
C26	100uf	6v	
C41	10uf	16v	
C101	10uf	16v	
C102	10uf	16v	
C103	10uf	16v	
C104	10uf	16v	
C105	10uf	16v	
C106	10uf	16v	
C109	1uf	50v	
C110	100uf	6v	Moved to KOSUB board, where present
C117	10uf	16v	
C118	10uf	16v	
C119	10uf BP	16v	
C120	10uf BP	16v	
C121	47uf	16v	
C122	47uf	16v	
C124	10uf	16v	
C125	10uf	16v	
C128	10uf	16v	
C135	10uf	16v	
C137	10uf	16v	
C138	10uf	16v	
C140	10uf	16v	
C403	10uf	16v	
C404	10uf	16v	
C407	10uf	16v	
C409	10uf	16v	
C413	10uf	16v	
C414	10uf	16v	
C415	10uf	16v	
C416	10uf	16v	
C417	10uf	16v	
C418	10uf	16v	
C420	10uf	16v	
C422	10uf	16v	
C501	10uf	16v	
C503	10uf	16v	
C505	10uf	16v	
C508	10uf	16v	
C140	10uf	16v	

C101	100uf	6.3v	This capacitor is installed at C110 when KOSUB is not present

Bad Capacitors and Recapping Notes

Every one of the dozen or so PAC-S10 modules that I've opened has had leaking capacitors. I consider any original PAC-S10 module to be living on borrowed time, and should have its capacitors preemptively replaced.

After recapping a PAC-S10, double-check the resistance between +5 and GND to test for short. You should see a value probably around ~2K ohms, and it will slowly increase as the meter voltage charges the caps. If you see a fixed resistance less than 10 ohms, you have a dead short and will blow one of the IC protectors in the CLD-A100 power supply. A large amount of the caps in the PAC-S10 are used for decoupling, and it's quite easy to short +5 to GND during cap replacement due to the small surface-mount footprint and (typically) damaged solder resist layer.

Service Manual

Not a real service manual, more like a parts manual. There are websites that will charge you money for this even though it's fairly worthless!