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The information contained in this Wiki comes from dozens of sources, as well as our own research. The Internet is full of scans, manuals, schematics, etc., many of which lack any attribution. If you see materials on this site that you have originally provided, please let us know and we'll add you to our Thanks list.

We would specifically like to thank, in no particular order:

  • omp, for the voluminous quantity of Sega service manual scans
  • The creators of the GIICM
  • The Bally Alley
  • Cyberroach
  • AtariAge
  • The Digital Press
  • Amigan Software
  • Abijah Taylor for help with Japanese to English translation
  • Adam Peabody for providing cap info on the 837-9537 VA4 Game Gear, and multiple additions to the Sega CD v2 page
  • segafan1989 for providing a Genesis VA2 cap list
  • Chris Dalla for corrections to several Colecovision documents
  • oldskool and RoyVegas for the TG16 service manual scan
  • Jarno Koivunen for Game Gear corrections
  • MaxWar for providing scans of the Genesis 2 VA3 service manual
  • Robert J. Parmar for details on NES Mitsumi MTM-8V-0 and BA20 Diode Bridge Alps Modulator hardware
  • Leon Kiriliuk for providing a Lynx II schematic with part number corrections and updates, and Panasonic 3DO FZ-10 laser information
  • Eric Chapin for the Lynx II schematic scan
  • SmokeMonster for Neo Geo CD and CDZ information
  • ArcadeTV and Klaus for scanning and releasing Neo Geo AES schematics
  • Michael Castro for Sega & JVC service documentation
  • flamie666 for NES Alps modulator info
  • Nick B. for details on Intellivision and Atari add-ons
  • Taylor Helm, Robert Ivy, and Chris Martin for Neo Geo CD additions
  • Alex of ByteBoosters for Apple 2GS cap info
  • Lucas Henkel for Core Grafx jailbar cap locations
  • Atkelar for Commodore SX-64 corrections
  • Ivory Tower Collections for numerous additions/corrections and Roland MT32 information
  • Segasonicfan for contributions to Sega CDX
  • Dragon's Hoard Gaming for Tristar_64 info
  • iFixRetro for Genesis 3 VA1 info
  • Tianfeng for Genesis 2 VA2 cap info
  • Anderson Roberto de Carvalho for Sega SC-3000 information
  • Dr Ed Cameron-Young M.Math. M.Sc. Ph.D. FACS MAICD for Atari 520 STFM C070789-001 REV. F cap information
  • J.Emmett Turner for CDI220/37 cap confirmation
  • Inali for Saturn revision / cap list information
  • And more to come...