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The TC-RM25T and TC-RM251s are nearly identical, the RM251s have have a few less caps installed (noted in the list).

Capacitor List

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Main PCB

C3	10uF	35V	BP
C6	100uF	50V	
C7	470uF	35V	
C9	47uF	35V	
C10	2200uF	35V	
C11	33uF	50V	
C15	220uF	16V	
C16	10uF	16V	
C17	1uF	50V	
C18	1uF	50V	
C21	330uF	16V	
C22	4.7uF	25V	
C23	10uF	200V	
C25	10uF	50V	
C26	47uF	50V	
C27	10uF	50V	
C28	47uF	50V	
C30	4.7uF	50V	BP
C37	100uF	16V	
C44	10uF	250V	
C45	47uF	160V	
C46	22uF	250V	
C47	1000uF	35V	
C48	1000uF	25V	
C49	1000uF	16V

Horizontal Output Transistor mini-PCB

May not be present on TC-RM251s chassis

N/A	47uF	16V	
N/A	100uF	16V

Neck PCB

C401	10uF	16V	
C402	10uF	16V	
C403	10uF	16V	
C404	22uF	250V

A/C input PCB

C201	47uF	25V	
C204	47uF 	100V

Adjustments PCB

C301	22uF	16V	
C303	22uF	16V	
C305	22uF	16V	
C307	100uF	16V	
C309	2.2uF	50V	
C313	2.2uF	50V	
C317	2.2uF	50V	
C324	47uF	25V	
C326	10uF	16V	BP
C327	10uF	25V	
C328	100uF	16V	
C330	100uF	10V	
C332	1uF	50V	
C333	1uF	50V	
C337	22uF	16V