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Model Number: HES-CDR-01

Released as an add-on to the Turbo Grafx 16. The CD drive (03377077) attaches to a dock (03987007), which connects to the Turbo Grafx 16 backplane connector. A system card is required for any CD drive access. No CD card, no workie.

NEC wanted to make absolutely sure that everything was seated and locked into place before powering up. There are 2 physical locks: One locks the CD drive into the dock, and one locks the TG16 console to the dock. There is also a redundant power switch on the dock, directly beneath the TG16 power switch. The lock that connects the TG16 console to the dock, if not in the locked position, physically obstructs the lower power switch from moving. If any of these are not locked in place, the system will not power up.

Turbo Grafx CD-ROM Drive

Turbo Grafx CD-ROM Dock