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Yamaha 2-Channel Serial & Binary input Floating D/A Converter


Pin descriptions (from YM2015 datasheet)
Number ID Description
1 Vdd High electric potential side standard power source
2 Vss Low electric potential side power source (GND)
3 Vdd High electric potential side standard power source
4 SD Serial input of digital signal to be converted
5 CLOCK Clock to operate shift register and timing generator (04)
6 FORMAT "0": 2's compliment, "1": Binary input
7 SMP2 Interval "1" becomes sampling time for CH2.

Interval "1" becomes aampling time for CHl. The internal signal for latching eerial data is produced by using SMP 1 and SMP 2 fall.

8 SMP1
9 /ICL "1" - normal operation, "0" output under -36dB regardless of the signal SD.
10 Vout CH1 Sample hold analog switch output for CH1.
11 Vout CH2 Sample hold analog switch output for CH2.
12 COM Common input to analog switches for CHl and CH2.
13 To BUFF DAC analog output, input to the buffer operational amplifier.
14 MP Exponential analog shift is carried out with the electric potential applied to the MP as a standard. Normally it is biased to the 1/2 VDD.
15 BC Included between this terminal and 14 pin is a resistor which cancels an error caused by the input bias current of the buffer operational amplifier. It is recommened to add phase compensation capacity Cc externally.
16 RB Internally generated highly accurate 1/2 VDD voltage comes out througg this pin and is applied to 14 pin by way of the buffer operational amplifier


Yamaha YM3016 DAC(CD)