AppleColor Composite Monitor IIe A2M6021

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Cap List

Purchase these parts as a kit

C201	100uF	16v
C202	47uF	16v
C204	1000uF	6.3v
C210	10uF	16v
C212	22uF	10v
C303	1uF	50v
C304	4.7uF	25v
C305	0.22uF	50v
C306	100uF	10v
C308	10uF	16v
C309	10uF	16v
C317	100uF	16v
C320	4.7uF	25v
C321	1uF	50v
C322	100uF	10v
C341	100uF	10v
C343	10uF	16v
C505	0.33uF	50v
C506	100uF	16v
C507	10uF	16v
C510	10uF	16v
C552	1uF	50v
C602	220uF	16v
C606	1uF	50v
C613	100uF	10v
C614	2200uF	16v
C618	1uF	50v
C620	100uF	50v
C622	2200uF	6.3v
C705	1uF	50v
C709	10uF	16v
C720	10uF	16v
C741	33uF	250v
C742	220uF	50v
C746	470uF	16v
C763	100uF	16v
C764	1uF	50v
C770	47uF	16v
C771	0.22uF	50v
C902	680uF	200v
C907	33uF	160v
C908	100uF	160v