Commodore 1702

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Schematics (NTSC, 110v)

Capacitor List (NTSC, 110v)

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MAIN PB ASSY cap map
C101	470uF	6.3v <-- Observe original cap polarity as C101 silkscreen may show reverse
C102	33uF	6.3v
C103	470uF	16v
C201	10uF	16v
C203	3.3uF	50v
C204	3.3uF	50v	BP
C208	220uF	16v
C303	100uF	25v
C305	.47uF	50v
C314	4.7uF	25v
C315	220uF	16v
C316	10uF	16v
C342	10uF	16v	BP or ceramic
C343	10uF	16v
C403	470uF	16v
C407	22uF	35v
C423	100uF	35v
C424	470uF	25v
C425	470uF	35v			
C502	220uF	35v
C504	1uF	50v
C506	220uF	16v
C523	33uF	160v
C530	2.2uF	50v	BP
C531	470uF	25v
C541	1uF	160v
C551	1000uF	16v
C601	1uF	50v
C602	220uF	16v
C603	10uF	50v
C604	10uF	50v
C607	220uF	16v
C610	1000uF	16v
C701	10uF	16v
C702	100uF	25v
C703	10uF	35v
MAIN PB ASSY cap map
C904	470uF	200v
C905	100uF	 25v
C907	10uF	160v <- may have a factory over-rated 250v cap here but operating voltage is only 126v

C351	4.7uF	250v
C356	4.7uF	250v

Service Manual