Hantarex Polo

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Hantarex Polo 25/28

Composite list from photos, forum reports, and schematic reference

Cap List

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Neck Board		
C1	10uF	50v
C2	10uF	50v
C3	10uF	50v
C12	100uf	25v
C14	4.7uf	250v
C18	47uf	25v
C21	10uf	50v
Main Board		
C130	100uf	25v
C137	220uf	35v
C139	1000uf	35v
C142	47uf	25v
C144	1000uf	35v
C146	4.7uf	100v
C146	1uF	100v	
C150	10uF	50v
C157	220uf	16v
C159	2.2uf	50v
C160	2.2uf	50v
C165	1uf	100v
C166	100uf	25v
C168	100uf	200v
C177	47uf	250v
C181	4.7uf	250v
C182	22uf	50v
C184	10uf	50v	
Power Supply		
C107	220uF	400v
C111	220uf	25v
C112	22uf	50v
C114	22uf	50v
C121	100uf	200v
C123	10uf	160v
C125	470uf	35v
C129	220uf	25v
Adjustment Board		
C401	1uf	100v
Pincushion Board		
C706	22uF	50v
C707	22uF	50v
C708	4.7uF	63v
C705	220uF	16v