Laseractive CLD-A100

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IC Information

CONT ASSY (DWM1342 / DWG1367)

SCONT (DWG1414-A, DNP1589-A)



VIDEO ASSY (DWM1340 / DWV1132)



Capacitor Info

Power Supply DWR1156

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SYPS / DWR1156 Cap Map
C006	470uF	180v (may also be 390uF, value isn't super critical here)
C101	820uF	35v
C102	820uF	35v
C107	2.2uF	50v
C108	2.2uF	50v
C201	3300uF	10v
C202	2.2uF	50v
C204	1000uF	10v
C205	47uF	6.3v
C206	1000uF	10v
C301	680uF	10v
C302	100uF	10v
C303	100uF	10v

LaserActive PCBs

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C12	22uF	25v
C13	22uF	25v


Included in the CLD-A100 kit

C103	47uF	10v

CONT DNX1845-C DWG1367-A

Included in the CLD-A100 kit

CONT / DNX1845-C, DWG1367-A Cap Map
C201	100uF	10v	
C401	47uF	16v	
C403	10uF	50v	
C404	22uF	50v	
C405	4.7uF	50v	
C406	10uF	50v	
C407	10uF	50v	
C408	10uF	50v	
C409	47uF	16v	
C410	47uF	16v	
C411	4.7uF	35v	BP
C412	4.7uF	35v	BP
C439	10uF	16v	
C440	10uF	16v	
C441	10uF	16v	
C442	10uF	16v	
C443	10uF	16v	BP
C444	10uF	16v	BP
C445	10uF	16v	BP
C446	10uF	16v	BP
C450	100uF	10v	
C451	100uF	10v	
C458	100uF	10v	
C459	100uF	10v	
C460	22uF	10v	BP
C461	22uF	10v	BP
C462	100uF	10v	
C463	100uF	10v	
C469	10uF	16v	
C482	100uF	10v	
C483	100uF	10v	
C484	330uF	16v	
C485	2.2uF	35v	BP
C491	33uF	16v	BP

RGBB DNP1487-D DWM1346-A

Included in the CLD-A100 kit

C801	100uF	10v	
C802	100uF	10v	
C803	100uF	10v	
C804	330uF	6.3v	
C808	220uF	6.3v	
C811	220uF	6.3v	
C827	1uF	50v	BP
C830	1uF	50v	
C831	1uF	50v	
C834	1uF	50v	
C840	1uF	50v	
C842	330uF	6.3v	
C848	330uF	6.3v	
C852	1uF	50v	BP
C855	1uF	50v	
C856	1uF	50v	
C857	1uF	50v	
C868	47uF	6.3v	
C870	47uF	6.3v	
C883	1uF	50v	
C885	100uF	6.3v	BP

FTSB DWS1191-A DNP1452-C

Included in the CLD-A100 kit

C401	220uF	16v	
C402	220uF	16v	
C405	220uF	10v	
C406	220uF	10v	
C512	100uF	10v	
C515	22uF	50v	
C550	47uF	16v	
C551	47uF	16v	
C808	1uF	50v	
C814	1uF	50v	BP
C816	1uF	50v	
C823	1uF	50v	
C835	22uF	50v	
C836	22uF	50v	
C840	1uF	50v	
C842	10uF	16v	BP
C845	1uF	50v	BP
C850	2.2uF	50v	BP
C855	10uF	50v	
C857	220uF	10v	
C859	220uF	10v	
C863	10uF	16v	BP
C864	10uF	50v	
C866	0.47uF	50v	BP
C870	47uF	10v	BP
C876	22uF	50v	
C877	22uF	50v	
C896	47uF	16v	
C897	47uF	10v	
C915	10uF	16v	BP
C941	220uF	16v	
C942	220uF	16v


Included in the CLD-A100 kit

C401	100uF	6.3v	
C416	100uF	6.3v	
C418	10uF	16v	
C420	4.7uF	50v	
C427	220uF	6.3v	
C428	0.47uF	50v	BP
C433	100uF	6.3v	
C436	0.47uF	50v	BP
C441	220uF	6.3v	
C442	47uF	10v	
C444	47uF	6.3v	
C446	47uF	6.3v	
C448	47uF	6.3v	
C451	47uF	6.3v	
C454	47uF	10v	
C466	10uF	16v	
C467	10uF	16v	
C468	47uF	10v	
C469	22uF	16v	
C470	47uF	10v	
C473	22uF	25v	
C491	1200uF	6.3v	
C492	470uF	6.3v	
C501	10uF	16v	
C520	47uF	10v	
C560	330uF	6.3v	
C705	100uF	6.3v	
C706	100uF	6.3v	
C707	100uF	6.3v	
C709	330uF	6.3v	
C710	100uF	6.3v	
C711	100uF	6.3v


Included in the CLD-A100 kit

C3	47uF	10v	
C7	100uF	10v	
C12	47uF	10v	
C14	1uF	50v	BP
C16	10uF	16v	
C17	47uF	10v	
C23	0.47uF	50v	
C218	100uF	10v	
C219	100uF	10v	
C234	100uF	10v	
C235	100uF	10v	
C254	100uF	10v	
C255	100uF	10v	
C310	100uF	10v	
C313	100uF	10v	
C315	100uF	10v	
C316	100uF	10v	
C320	100uF	10v	
C323	220uF	6.3v	
C327	100uF	10v	
C332	470uF	6.3v	
C334	470uF	6.3v	
C417	47uF	10v	
C426	47uF	10v	
C428	47uF	10v	
C434	47uF	10v	
C435	1uF	50v	
C455	47uF	10v	
C456	47uF	10v	
C461	47uF	10v	
C462	10uF	50v	
C464	470uF	6.3v	
C472	47uF	10v	
C490	47uF	10v	
C492	47uF	10v	
C602	100uF	10v	
C607	470uF	6.3v	
C608	100uF	10v	
C619	4.7uF	35v	BP
C620	1uF	50v	
C626	22uF	16v	
C634	100uF	10v	
C637	1uF	50v	BP
C641	47uF	10v	
C642	100uF	10v	
C648	22uF	16v	
C653	10uF	50v	
C655	100uF	10v	
C658	47uF	10v	
C660	47uF	10v	
C663	47uF	10v	
C664	4.7uF	35v	BP
C665	0.47uF	50v	BP
C668	22uF	25v	
C678	100uF	10v	
C679	100uF	10v	
C680	47uF	10v	
C681	100uF	10v	
C682	100uF	10v	
C685	100uF	10v	
C687	100uF	10v	
C688	1uF	50v	
C689	100uF	10v	
C700	100uF	10v	
C707	1uF	50v	
C709	100uF	10v	
C713	47uF	10v	
C722	47uF	10v	
C811	1uF	50v	BP
C819	100uF	10v	
C821	100uF	10v	
C825	47uF	10v	
C885	47uF	10v	
C891	47uF	10v	
C905	47uF	6.3v	
C908	3.3uF	50v	
C910	1uF	50v	
C913	470uF	6.3v	
C914	100uF	6.3v	
C922	100uF	6.3v


These are lower-res quick reference schematics. Higher resolution images are available in document ARZ2757 available under the Service Manuals section.

Available Modules


  • GOL-1 & ADP-1: 3D Goggles & adapter

User Manuals

Service Manuals

  • Thanks to Cyberroach for the original ARP2757 scans. This manual is an amalgam of those scans and our own ARZ2757 scans.