Mac Analog Board: 630-0108

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Cap List

Purchase these parts as a kit

C1	3.9uF	25v	NP
C2	4700uF 	16v	
C3	220uF  	16v	
C5	47uF	10v
C6	22uF	50v
C10	33uF	16v
C11	10uF	160v	
C12	22uF	50v
C18	33uF	16v
C24	2200uF	16v	
C27	2200uF	10v	
C28	1000uF	16v	
C30	2200uF	10v	
C31	220uF	16v	
C32	2200uF	16v	
C33	4700pF	250v	Y safety RIFA
C34	100uF	200v	
C35	100uF	200v	
C36	4700pF	250v	Y safety RIFA
C37	0.47uF	250v	X safety (might be RIFA - if so, replace!)
C38	100uF	200v	
C39	100uF	200v	
C42	470uF	10v	
C45	470uF	10v