PC Engine Duo-RX

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The Duo-RX is a cost-reduced PC Engine Duo-R, featuring a lower parts count. Also missing the fuse & fuse holder present in the Duo-R.

See also PC Engine Duo-R

Chip Info: PWA-3365-A

  • IC101: CD RF Amplifier: CXA1081
  • IC102: CD Servo Signal Processor: CXA1082BQ
  • IC103: CD Digital Signal Processor: CXD1167Q
  • IC104: NEC D78C14GF
  • IC105: NEC D6378GF
  • IC106: SRAM: 8k x 8-bit SRAM (LC3564QM-10)
  • IC108: CD BTL Power Driver: BA6296FP

  • IC302: +5V Regulator: 7805
  • IC303: +5V Regulator: 7805

Capacitor List: PWA-3365-A

Purchase these parts as a kit

Full-size caps

PC Engine Duo-RX capacitor map (PWA-3365-A)
C101	100uF	10v
C102	3.3uF	50v
C105	22uF	25v
C108	0.47uF	50v
C110	22uF	25v
C113	22uF	25v
C114	22uF	25v
C117	3.3uF	50v
C119	22uF	25v
C122	4.7uF	50v
C127	4.7uF	50v
C129	22uF	25v
C131	0.47uF	50v
C133	22uF	25v
C135	47uF	25v
C136	100uF	16v
C149	47uF	25v
C164	22uF	25v
C301	1000uF	16v
C302	1000uF	16v
C305	330uF	10v
C306	220uF	10v
C310	330uF	10v
C312	330uF	10v
C325	33uF	35v
C507	100uF	10v
C521	100uF	10v
C523	100uF	10v
C612	47uF	25v
C631	100uF	10v
C953	1uF	50v
C954	1uF	50v
C955	1uF	50v
C956	1uF	50v
C957	1uF	50v
C958	1uF	50v
C959	1uF	50v
C960	1uF	50v
C961	10uF	50v
C962	470uF	16v

Small Caps

C159	22uF	16v
C165	22uF	16v
C200	22uF	16v
C201	100uF	6.3v
C202	100uF	6.3v
C205	47uF	6.3v
C206	47uF	6.3v
C604	10uF	16v
C610	10uF	16v
C613	10uF	16v
C614	10uF	16v
C615	47uF	16v
C616	22uF	16v
C617	10uF	16v
C618	10uF	16v
C653	22uF	16v
C673	47uF	6.3v
C674	47uF	6.3v
C675	47uF	6.3v
C878	10uF	16v
C879	10uF	16v
C883	10uF	16v
C884	10uF	16v
C952	10uF	16v (by power switch)

Jailbar Fix

See Hu6260 for JB fix locations

Bench Testing and Adjustments

Adjustments and test points appear to be identical to the Turbo Duo. See the section bench testing section of the Turbo Duo page for adjustment information.