PC Engine Duo Monitor

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Capacitor List

Purchase these parts as a kit

C301	100uF	10v	
C302	220uF	10v	
C515	1uF	50v	NP
C516	47uF	25v	
C517	47uF	10v	
C601	100uF	25v	
C602	100uF	16v	
C603	100uF	10v	
C605	47uf	16v	
C606	100uF	6.3v	
C607	10uF	25v	
C701	10uF	16v	
C705	33uF	16v	
C707	10uF	25v	
C712	10uf	50v	
C752	220uF	16v	
C761	1uF	50v	NP
C801	10uF	16v	
C903	10uF	50v	
C904	47uF	25v