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Capacitor List

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Main PCB

Motherboard PCB Cap Map
C2	10uF	16v
C4	10uF	16v
C8	10uF	16v
C12	10uF	16v
C13	10uF	16v
C22	10uF	16v
C35	10uF	16v
C38	10uF	16v
C39	10uF	16v
C45	10uF	16v
C59	10uF	16v

Power PCB (33 Watt)

33W Power PCB Cap Map
C1	1000uF	16v
C2	100uF	16v
C3	22uF	25v
C4	1000uF	12v (Low ESR)
C13	15000uF	25v

IR Receiver PCB

C1	10uF	50v
C4	10uF	50v
C6	10uF	50v

64K Memory Card

C1	10uF	16v

FDD Controller

C1	1uF	50v
C5	10uF	16v


Main PCB

Memory PCB

Power Supply

Diskette Drive