Roland MT-32

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Cap List

79377310, Rev 01

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MT32 Rev 1 Cap Map
C1	10uF	16v	BP
C3	10uF	16v	BP
C11	10uF	16v	BP
C16	10uF	16v	BP
C32	47uF	16v	
C34	1uF	50v	
C35	22uF	16v	
C36	22uF	16v	
C38	22uF	16v	
C40	470uF	16v	
C41	470uF	16v	
C42	100uF	16v	
C43	1000uF	16v	
C44	1000uF	16v	
C46	100uF	16v	
C47	100uF	16v	
C48	100uF	16v	
C64	100uF	16v	
C65	1000uF	16v	
C68	1000uF	16v	
C70	22uF	16v	
C76	1uF	50v	
C77	100uF	16v

Service Manual