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The Sega CD v2 has two major revisions:

  • Early PCBs manufactured by Funai. P/N BE2200G02A02 or B02 silkscreened topside. There are no 171- or 867- style part numbers indicated.
  • Later PCBs manufactured by Sony. Smaller PCB etched on the reverse with a typical Sega part number: 171-6528.

See also Sega CD v1 for the original frontloading Sega CD.

Funai Sega CD: BE2200G02A02, BE2200G02B02

Chip Info

Main PCB

BE2200F01003 (Add-on board, wired into the topside of the main PCB)

Laser Pickup

Funai CD Servo Adjustments

See service manuals for procedure. Note that tracking gain adjustment value for SOH0T4 is 800Hz/0 dB.

  • VR401: E/F Balance
  • VR402: Tracking Gain
  • VR403: VCO / PLL

Capacitor List (Funai Main PCB)

Sega CD 2: Funai Main PCB Cap Map
C104	10uF	16v
C110	10uF	16v
C115	10uF	16v
C122	10uF	16v
C127	10uF	16v
C129	10uF	16v
C131	10uF	16v
C132	10uF	16v
C139	10uF	16v
C201	100uF	6.3v
C206	10uF	16v
C207	10uF	16v
C208	10uF	16v
C209	10uF	16v
C210	10uF	16v
C220	10uF	16v
C221	10uF	16v
C222	10uF	16v
C228	10uF	16v
C229	10uF	16v
C232	10uF	16v
C233	10uF	16v
C234	10uF	16v
C235	10uF	16v
C236	10uF	16v
C237	10uF	16v
C238	100uF	6.3v
C239	10uF	16v
C240	10uF	16v
C301	100uF	6.3v
C303	1000uF	6.3v
C305	330uF	16v
C306	100uF	6.3v
C403	330uF	16v
C404	100uF	6.3v
C406	470uF	6.3v
C407	3.3uF	50v
C408	100uF	6.3v
C409	100uF	6.3v
C410	.47uF	50v
C411	22uF	10v
C412	22uF	6.3v (KSS-210A)
C412	47uF	6.3v (SOH0T4)
C413	1uF	50v
C414	.47uF	50v
C450	1000uF	6.3v
C455	1uF	50v
C903	100uF	6.3v

Funai Schematics

These are the updated schematics from the Supplemental service manual.

Funai Service Manuals

Sony Sega CD: 171-6528

Chip Info


Sony Laser: KSK-1310A

KSS-240A Servo Adjustments

Adjustments on laser head. See KSS-240A for details.

Optima 6S Laser

Optima 6S Servo Adjustments

Looking straight on at the adjustments, PCB at bottom, from left to right:

  • Focus Error (Pin 47 Controller)
  • Tracking Error Amp (Pin 43 Controller)
  • Focus Error Bias (Pin 15 RF Amp)
  • Gain Adjust For I-V Amp (Pin 13 RF Amp)

Sony Capacitor Lists

171-6528C (Sony Main PCB)

Purchase these parts as a kit

Sega CD 2: Sony Main PCB Cap Map
C104	10uF	50v
C107	10uF	50v
C110	10uF	50v
C115	10uF	50v
C122	10uF	50v
C127	10uF	50v
C129	10uF	50v
C131	10uF	50v
C132	10uF	50v
C139	10uF	50v
C201	100uF	6.3v
C206	10uF	50v
C207	10uF	50v
C208	10uF	50v
C209	10uF	50v
C210	10uF	50v
C220	10uF	50v
C221	10uF	50v
C222	10uF	50v
C228	10uF	50v
C229	10uF	50v
C232	10uF	50v
C233	10uF	50v
C234	10uF	50v
C235	10uF	50v
C236	10uF	50v
C237	10uF	50v
C238	100uF	6.3v
C239	10uF	50v
C240	10uF	50v
C301	100uF	6.3v
C303	1000uF	6.3v
C305	330uF	16v
C306	100uF	6.3v
C400	.47uF	50v
C401	100uF	6.3v
C413	10uF	50v

KSK-1310A (Sony KSS-240A Laser PCB)

Included in the "Sony" kit

C103	4.7uF	50v
C105	47uF	10v
C106	47uF	10v
C107	10uF	50v
C111	22uF	25v
C156	330uF	16v

Optima 6S PCB

Included in the "Sony" kit

C501	47uF	6.3v
C507	47uF	6.3v
C508	100uF	16v
C510	1uF	50v
C543	10uF	16v
C546	10uF	16v
C548	100uF	6.3v
C551	100uF	16v
C581	47uF	6.3v