Sharp 19SV111

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A 19" Sharp TV set with built-in NES

Chip Info

Game ICs


IC features obtained from block diagram. NTE equivalents are available for most of these parts but finding original datasheets is difficult.

Cap List

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No electrolytic caps


C653	100uF	25v
C668	10uF	450v
C755	470uF	200v
C761	100uF	160v
C764	330uF	25v


C209	330uF	16v	
C213	0.47uF	50v	
C304	10uF	16v	
C312	0.47uF	50v	
C315	1uF	50v	
C317	330uF	16v	
C319	330uF	16v	
C327	22uF	16v	
C335	1000uF	16v	
C336	3.3uF	50v	
C341	47uF	16v	
C402	47uF	16v	
C407	47uF	16v	NP
C413	10uF	16v	
C421	1uF	50v	
C423	22uF	16v	
C426	0.47uF	50v	
C427	10uF	16v	
C428	4.7uF	50v	
C430	10uF	16v	
C432	330uF	16v	
C436	100uF	16v	
C438	470uF	16v	
C441	470uF	16v	
C444	330uF	16v	
C501	47uF	35v	
C504	100uF	50v	
C505	47uF	50v	
C507	1uF	50v	
C509	2.2uF	50v	
C512	1000uF	35v	
C614	1uF	50v	NP
C614	1uF	50v	NP
C616	1uF	50v	
C618	47uF	16v	
C623	4.7uF	50v	
C720	330uF	25v	
C726	470uF	35v	
C728	47uF	16v	
C801	47uF	16v	NP
C803	0.47uF	50v	NP
C810	1uF	50v	
C815	2.2uF	50v	NP
C817	100uF	16v
C1201	1uF	50v	
C1203	1uF	50v	
C1204	330uF	16v	
C1306	10uF	16v	
C1308	330uF	16v	
C1309	10uF	16v	
C1310	22uF	16v	
C1311	10uF	16v	
C1313	47uF	16v	
C1314	4.7uF	50v	
C1317	0.1uF	50v	
C1318	10uF	16v	
C1319	100uF	16v	
C1401	47uF	16v	
C1402	47uF	16v	
C1501	33uF	16v	
C1502	330uF	10v	
C1509	47uF	16v	
C1510	1uF	50v	
C1601	220uF	16v	
C1603	0.1uF	50v	
C1605	0.47uF	50v	
C1606	2.2uF	50v	
C1610	1uF	50v	
C1611	4.7uF	50v	
C1616	330uF	16v	
C1802	2.2uF	50v	
C1803	100uF	16v


C104	2200uF	25v
C105	100uF	25v
C108	100uF	16v


C1	100uF	6.3v	
C23	1uF	50v	
C48	10uF	16v	
C9	2.2uF	50v	NP, but does not need to be NP.  Install normal 2.2uF with negative facing center of logic board.  Refer to NES-001 PCB layout.


These scans come from the service manual. The publicly available manual is fairly low-res making some of these a bit difficult to read.

Service Manual