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This goal of the Wiki is to offer helpful repair and upgrade information on a variety of vintage gaming consoles. It also serves to support the products sold in the Console5 store.

Hardware-related contributions, corrections, and suggestions are most welcome, and should be sent to our general email address: sales <at> console5 <dot> com. For the time being, console software development resources are beyond our mission.

Chip Info sections are derived from noting actual PCBs. Your PCB may vary (and if it does, I'd love to hear about it!)

If you would like to submit a full article or HOWTO, please remember that the focus of this Wiki is on repairing and upgrading vintage consoles and computers. Prospective articles should fit that description. There are already a number of excellent Wikis in existence that focus on general knowledge, games, programming, and other aspects of vintage console gaming.

While we cannot give Wiki accounts for direct editing at this time, if your contributions are accepted you will be given full attribution if desired. Please let us know how we can list your credit!

Copyright Info:

Factual information presented in this Wiki is not, and can not be copyrighted.

The presentation of that information, graphics, photographs, and copyright-eligible materials are covered and no license is granted without prior permission. If you want to use something, just ask!

The reason for this policy is simple: Lists, graphics, and other materials are subject to change as new information is made available and errors corrected. Materials in this wiki may be superseded at any time, so we would prefer that you link to the appropriate pages instead of copy/pasting to another location.