Texas Instruments PHA 4100A

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Cap List

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C001	220uF	16v	
C002	10uF	16v	
C003	1000uF	6.3v	
C201	1uF	50v	
C202	10uF	16v	
C203	33uF	16v	
C204	0.22uF	50v	
C205	10uF	160v	
C208	22uF	160v	
C209	0.47uF	50v	
C210	100uF	16v	
C303	1uF	50v	BP
C304	4.7uF	25v	
C306	1uF	50v	
C309	10uF	16v	
C320	10uF	16v	
C321	33uF	16v	
C324	220uF	16v	
C404	100uF	16v	BP
C405	10uF	25v	
C406	220uF	25v	
C407	2200uF	25v	
C408	22uF	16v	
C409	100uF	16v	
C501	2.2uF	50v	
C502	10uF	16v	
C506	2.2uF	50v	
C508	47uF	16v	
C511	33uF	160v	
C517	33uF	16v	BP
C518	330uF	35v	
C519	22uF	35v	
C520	33uF	16v	
C522	10uF	50v	
C525	33uF	6.3v	
C604	330uF	16v	
C611	0.22uF	50v	
C612	4.7uF	25v	BP
C613	0.22uF	50v	
C614	0.47uF	50v	
C805	330uF	180v	
C806	22uF	160v