Tristar 64

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The Tristar 64 is an unlicensed add-on for the Nintendo 64 video game console which features two additional cartridge ports designed to accept cartridges created for the NES and SNES [1]

Capacitor List

Purchase these parts as a kit

C1	100uF	25v
C2	100uF	25v
C3	2200uF	10v
C4	47uF	10v
C5	47uF	10v
C6	10uF	25v
C7	100uF	25v
C8	10uF	25v
C9	100uF	25v
C10	100uF	25v
C11	100uF	25v
C12	1uF	50v
C13	1uF	50v
C14	220uF	10v

Diagrams courtesy of Dragon’s Hoard Gaming