Turbo Grafx CD-ROM Dock

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P/N: 03987007

Chip Info

Analog PWB

Digital PWB

Capacitor Lists

Analog PWB

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Analog PWB
PCB 72932251-2. Left photo shows missing C142. Right photo shows location of C142 on underside
C101	330uf	25v
C102	330uf	25v
C103	330uf	25v
C104	330uf	16v
C105	10uf	50v
C106	330uf	16v
C107	10uf	50v
C108	10uf	50v
C109	220uf	16v
C110	10uf	50v
C111	100uf	16v
C113	470uf	16v
C115	47uf	25v
C116	47uf	25v
C117	10uf	50v
C118	10uf	50v
C121	.1uf	50v
C122	.1uf	50v
C123	10uf	50v
C124	10uf	50v
C125	10uf	50v
C126	10uf	50v
C127	10uf	50v
C128	10uf	50v
C129	1uf	50v
C130	1uf	50v
C131	47uf	25v
C132	22uf	25v
C133	47uf	10v
C134	47uf	10v
C135	10uf	50v
C136	4.7uf	25v
C137	100uf	10v
C138	1uf	50v
C139	2.2uf	50v
C141	47uf	25v
C142	1uf	50v

Digital PWB

Digital PWB
C204	470uf	6.3v
C212	100uf	10v
C214	100uf	10v
C216	2.2uf	50v
C217	4.7uf	50v
C222	100uf	10v
C231	47uf	16v

Connector PWB

C301	47uf	16v