TurboGrafx 16

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Chip Info

TG16 Console

Controllers (TurboPad / TurboStick)

Turbo Grafx 16 Capacitor List

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C101	22uf	16v	
C113	10uf	16v	
C129	100uf	25v	
C132	100uf	16v	
C136	10uf	16v	
C140	47uf	16v	
C141	1uf	50v	
C142	10uf	16v	
C143	1uf	50v	
C144	1uf	50v	
C145	1uf	50v	
C146	1uf	50v	
C147	1uf	50v	
C148	1uf	50v	
C149	1uf	50v
On power connector PCB:
C1	22uf	25v

Inside RF Modulator:
C2	1uf	50v

Jailbar Fix

See Hu6260 for JB fix locations


From the service manual, also available below

Controller schematics, drawn by Ciccio Petito, with local addition of DIN 8 pinout for US TG16

Drawn by Stephan Kulov @ HD Retrovision

Service Manuals