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Chip Info

ENR-005 (Main PCB)


CD Test Points & Adjustments

Test Points

All connections at TP501 on CDROM PCB

  • 1 RF
  • 2 FE (Focus Error)
  • 3 FEIN (Focus Error IN)
  • 4 TE (Tracking Error)
  • 5 TEIN (Tracking Error IN)
  • 6 TEST
  • 7 GND
  • 8 VC
  • 9 GND via lid switch with pull-up resistor to VCC. Should read 0v when closed, 5v when open.


  • R508 Focus Bias
  • R510 E/F Balance
  • R522 Focus Gain
  • R524 Tracking Gain

CD Adjustment Procedures

From the Service Manual

Before the adjustment The initial screen ( that is a comment "Put a disc on the turntable" ) is displayed when the power supply is turned on without a disc.

The screen shifts to the control screen after reading a disc if a disc is set and the door close detection switch is pressed. The disc keeps rotating for approximately 1 minute after shifting to the control screen. Press the playback and then the stop button if you want to stop the rotation. With a disc on the turntable, the screen shifts to the control screen quickly after reading a TOC when the power supply is turned on. (The initial screen is displayed while TOC is being read.)

Adjustment measure Oscilloscope, Test disc (CRG-1117)

FE (focus error) bias (CD stop mode)

  1. Connect an oscilloscope between TP501 pin 2 (FE) and TP501 pin 9 (GND).
  2. Adjust R508 so that the DC voltage of the focus error signal becomes 0v, +/-10mV. (note this correction -vs- the service manual)

E/F balance

  1. Connect TP501 pin 6 (TEST) with TP501 pin 7 (GND).
  2. Connect a oscilloscope between TP501 pin 4 (TE) and TP501 pin 8 (VC) and play the test disc.
  3. Adjust R510 so that the center voltage of the waveform becomes 0±0.05V.

Focus/Tracking Gain Symptoms

If the gain is out of adjustment, the symptoms below will appear.

Gain too low
Focus gain: Focus is not obtained and disc does not rotate.
Tracking gain: Mechanical shock occurs easily and sound is interrupted. Or time counter display stops counting.
Gain too high
Focus gain: Scratches (on the disc) easily interrupt play, and noise is increased during play.
Tracking gain: Since the follow-up ability of the pickup is too high, the pickup may oscillate and oscillating sound may output. (Roughly translated - the laser eye will sing/squeal/ring)

As described above, the focus and tracking gain adjustment are performed to satisfy mutually contradictory characteristics.

A simplified adjustment procedure is described below. However, since exact adjustment can not be performed prior to adjustments, note (or mark) the positions of the semi-fixed resistors.

If the positions after the adjustment are only different, return the VRs to their original position.

(Translation: Measure the resistance of each adjustment before tweaking them)

Focus/Tracking Gain Adjustments

Focus gain adjustment
  1. Connect an oscilloscope to TP501 pin 2 (FE) and TP501 pin 8 (VC).
  2. Load the test disc and press the PLAY button.
  3. Adjust R522 (F.GAIN ADJ.) so that the correct waveform as shown in figure 1 is obtain.


Tracking gain adjustment
  1. Connect an oscilloscope to TP501 pin 4 (TE) and TP501 pin 8 (VC).
  2. Load the test disc and press the PLAY button.
  3. Adjust R524 (T.GAIN ADJ.) so that the correct waveform as shown in figure 2 is obtain.


Capacitor List

Purchase these parts as a kit

ENR-005 EMW10420-002, -003

ENR-005: Main PCB
C103	10uF	25v
C113	47uF	16v
C114	100uF	6.3v
C115	47uF	16v

C117	4.7uF	50v	-002
C117	22uF	16v	-003

C118	22uF	16v	-002
C118	Not present on -003

C132	10uF	25v
C143	10uF	25v
C159	10uF	25v
C163	10uF	25v
C171	10uF	25v
C206	10uF	25v
C223	100uF	6.3v
C230	220uF	6.3v
C234	10uF	25v
C245	10uF	25v
C246	10uF	25v
C248	10uF	25v
C252	10uF	25v
C263	1uF	50v
C264	1uF	50v

C635	22uF	16v	-002
C635	100uF	6.3v	-003

C636	22uF	16v	-002
C636	Not present on -003

C647	10uF	25v
C648	10uF	25v

C649	Not present on -002
C649	100uF	6.3v

C657	10uF	25v
C658	10uF	25v
C660	47uF	10v
C711	22uF	16v
C712	22uF	16v
C713	10uF	16v
C714	10uF	25v
C728	22uF	16v
C729	10uF	25v
C730	10uF	25v
C781	47uF	16v


C501	47uF	10v
C507	47uF	10v
C508	100uF	6.3v
C510	1uF	50v
C543	10uF	25v
C546	10uF	25v
C548	47uF	10v
C551	220uF	16v
C814	47uF	10v
C855	10uF	25v
C857	1uF	50v
C858	4.7uF	50v
C859	4.7uF	50v
C886	10uF	25v
C888	22uF	16v
C903	100uF	6.3v
C904	100uF	6.3v


Service Manuals & Bulletins